PHOENIX, Ariz. – A different kind of boot camp is affecting the way police officials and spokespersons communicate with the public and news media.

PIO Boot Camp™ is a 4-day intensive training experience designed to take attendees through the treacherous territory of news media communications.

Chris Ryan, an internationally recognized media relations and crisis communications expert created the intensive PIO Boot Camp for police, fire and other public safety officials.

Attendees learn the fundamentals of media relations and its important role in communicating with the public and news media.  Mr. Ryan’s unique teaching style enables them to retain more information through candid class discussions, eye-opening videos, role-playing exercises and more.

“It’s an extraordinary way to bring police, fire and public safety officials and spokespersons together,” says Ryan. “They train as a group and gain tremendous insight from a variety of perspectives.”

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News Biz Jargon

Lollipop: Microphone pushed so close to the interviewee’s mouth they may just lick it.

Flak: Somewhat unflattering term used to refer to a Public

Information Officer (PIO) One-man Band: Reporter that shoots, edits, reports, blogs & Twitters a story.


As our world becomes smaller by the minute, intense scrutiny by the news media on police and law enforcement seems to increase by the second.

Police departments world-wide have recognized the need for professional training and counsel in media and public relations. Whether in the Americas, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East, the ability to interact effectively with the news media during a crisis is critical for all law enforcement professionals.

To gain that skill, a professional trainer is required who’s been on the frontlines and who knows that the same old American law enforcement model may not work everywhere. That trainer is Chris Ryan.

Ryan, founder of Ryan & Associates Public Relations

of Phoenix, Arizona, offers a unique approach to law enforcement  public relations and crisis response training. Rather than flying in the night before a seminar, armed with a highly-structured agenda and word-for-word handouts, Ryan takes a much more organic approach to training. This is particularly true as he works outside of the United States.

He believes it is impossible to teach police and other law enforcement personnel how to interact with the public and news media without having a personal knowledge of the culture in which they work. He immerses himself in the local customs and hot-button issues before ever taking the stage. Ryan finds this approach much more realistic than reading a few articles and forming an opinion about how that country’s police force should operate. That singular perspective has served him well while training law enforcement agencies in such diverse cultures as Israel, Croatia, Caribbean & the United Arab Emirates.

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Mr. Ryan is available for crisis consulting, agency training & speaking engagements.

Call 602-840-2959 or e-mail for details.


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PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – Police media

relations expert Chris Ryan shared his knowledge and insight during two speaking engagements at the Annual California Police Chiefs Association conference.

Mr. Ryan spoke about the difficult issues facing police executives in the 21st century including non-lethal weapons, homeland security, aggressive news reporting & more.

Ryan stressed the need for police to face tough issues head-on and speak-out when news coverage is skewed or inaccurate.

“Law enforcement has been a victim too

long. It’s time to stand up and fight back

when people make false allegations about

your department,” said Ryan.

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Mr. Ryan is available for crisis consulting,

agency training & speaking engagements.

Call 602-840-2959 or e-mail for details.


State Dept. Sends Top Police Media Expert

ZAGREB, Croatia – Police chiefs, commanders, prosecutors and spokespersons in the Republic of Croatia (former Yugoslavia) had a unique opportunity to be trained by Chris Ryan,

a top international police media relations expert.

U.S. State Department officials sent Mr. Ryan to work with police executives for

7-weeks at the request of the Republic

of Croatia Government.

Law enforcement officials in this burgeoning democracy face an ever-changing news media. Croatian journalists often take cues from their American and European counterparts in how to deal with law enforcement and court officers.


2-day Seminar for Progressive

Police Leaders & Spokespersons

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Call 602-840-2959 or e-mail

“You know you’ve handled a crisis well when people don’t remember it!”

- Chris Ryan


“I might have tacos when I go home”
Mayor Joseph Maturo, East Haven, CT Answering reporter Mario Diaz's question about what the Mayor will do for Latinos following Federal Racial Profiling allegations & arrests.
“People get cheesed off when I call these

guys with guns on our streets idiots…”

Frederick Bealefeld Baltimore Police Commissioner News briefing following a shooting that injured 2 officers & killed a suspect
“…people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Maya Angelo
“…bullied by millions of people constantly.”
Actress/Model Megan Fox interview in Esquire Magazine article on the realities of being famous.
“Don’t break out the Cheetos or

gold fish too quickly”

Colorado Governor John Hickelooper comments on new voter approved initiative that de-criminalizes casual marijuana use.
“When a clock is cleaned, there are

numbers that can be moved”

Ari Fleischer on Mitt Romney's debate win over President Obama and dramatic jump in poll numbers.
“Like looking at a military invasion.”
Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper describing the massive wildfires in the Colorado Springs area.
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Police Media Relations + Social Media

2-day Seminar for Progressive Police Leaders & Spokespersons
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